Inspirational & Original design in Beijing:

Looking to export your product or service into China? All companies want to be competitive and establish themselves in the global market. To do that you need knowledge and understanding of the local markets first. Broadcast Creative offer Print, Digital & Publishing design services for companies who want to establish their brands in China. Our understanding of the culture and creative market here is unparalleled.

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The foundations of great marketing:

Modern consumers are discerning. Nothing makes a better impact on them than a beautifully designed, high quality printed brochure. If you want to build your reputation online then a prestige website that reflects knowledge and expertise is an absolute must. Broadcast Creative work with clients to develop their online presence and printed materials so that it reflects quality and distinction of the brand.

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Innovative solutions for the future:

If you want to distinguish yourself in the global market then making an impression with designs that have glowing visuals, animated features and responsive design is the way forward. Consumers are switched on by great functionality and fantastic design.If you market your product in innovative ways it says a lot about you as a company. Think iPads, iPhones, interactive presentations, digital forums, video content and more… we do it all.

It’s the future of publishing.

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Finding creative designers in Beijing?

As a client it is hard to find the right design agency who can understand your development goals. Look for agencies who not only have experience but who can anticipate your needs and requirements. If you want to enter a new international market, then get an agency who are competant in both language and cultural aspects of that location. If you want to explore the Chinese business market then talk to us.

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We offer, digital, print, design, development, creative, image production, animation, hand-drawing, translation, copywriting, storyboarding, high-quality services for all types of businesses. We work from our creative hub in Beijing’s developing area of Shuangjing in the heart of the city.

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We are available in office hours, Monday – Friday (8am-7pm) and weekends (11am-4pm). We can offer pro-bono work to NGOs & other social or environmental groups, and our clients range from start-ups, to medium-to-large business groups.

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